A downloadable Avoidlocks for Windows

This game was made following the tutorial of Sebastian Lague, as I aways have crazy ideias, I thought of doing something simple and straightforward like this game for start my dev journey.

Install instructions

Download the .rar, unzip and be happy


Avoidlocks.rar 15 MB


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Thanks and I'm sorry the game is so simple. I will implement all the recommendations you commented, I will also implement a system in which the blocks change color, I also think it would be interesting.40 sec -> you go to "second phase" and the blocks turn green, 60 sec they turn blue and change color until they get insanely fast.
I'll give you a better game next time. <3

I am a big fan of Sebastian. Do not be hard on yourself or too humble. It was a fun game and I am glad you joined my jam. I look forward to seeing all your future projects and enhancements. Cheers.